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My name is Andy Markle and I’m an avid player of Pokémon Go (yes, I know how awful that sounds), a world traveler, and a marketing strategist with a bit of spunk when it comes to all things Anglophile. I read books like The Hero and the Outlaw and I work diligently on making sure that my life is a constant source of learning, no matter the cause or arena.

  • Date of birth
    May 8th
  • Languages
    English, French (Canadian), German
  • Hobbies
    Soccer, All Things British, Psychology
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I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in psychomarketing, the development of brands, the creation of new entities, the formation of ideas into power and the accessibility of those plans and developments, regardless of how they come to fruition. I spend days on end making life and and exciting and working diligently on my skills as an amateur footballer (soccer player) and honing in my skills in language.

I firmly believe that people are genuinely self taught and that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you’d ever like to do. Some people believe that just stopping short and only accepting what is in front of you is acceptable, but not for me. I like to grow and with growth comes challenge to not only your existing mindset, but your beliefs, your loves and your career.

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I spend a lot of time doing design, and mostly concept engineering, but I like to dabble in artistry by using digital means. I use Photoshop to create a lot of unique pieces, but I also enjoy watching other people create so that I can analyze their means of work.

Magnetizing Strategy

It’s often unheard of for people to create strategic marketing plans out of “magnets”, but businesses often don’t realize that their strategies are rarely designed for businesses, but for humans. I’m a firm believer in human-to-human interactions, not b2c or b2b interactions.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is often left to the wayside, despite the growing need for it in all spectrums of business. I also believe that IoT technologies, like Amazon Alexa, are quickly overpowering the search space and are necessary for businesses to succeed in the 21st century. That’s why I believe in comprehensive digital strategies for the new, emerging world.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a vital part of today’s ecosystem. Whether it comes with developing an app for an event or interaction with other industries through your app, mobile design and application design are vital to the digital ecosystem of any organization.


Digital Marketing Manager, Arbor Homes

2018 to present

At Arbor Homes, I was responsible for the implementation, design, maintenance and creation of all digital marketing strategies including Google Ads (formerly, AdWords) campaigns, digital strategies for electronic signage in models, implementation and review/administration of the organization’s new website, complete revamp of signage and other traditional marketing elements. I was also responsible for the organization’s Build Integration Construction System, an electronic system designed to combine all elements of the construction process into one, digital, easy-to-use system. I was also responsible for the creation of IoT programs, like Amazon Alexa-based skill programs and Google Assistant programs.

Co-Owner, Co-Founder, Reputelligent Limited


As Co-Owner of Reputelligent, I oversaw the implementation of strategic initiatives, including the creation of civicIQ, an artificial intelligence data engine capable of predicting political trends, brandIQ, a triangulation software that is designed to help franchisees place their next franchisee location, as well as Brandhouse, a marketing agency the solely served the interests of associations through association management, like event marketing, association board calls, and working as an Executive Director for a major brand’s franchisee association. In addition, Reputelligent developed IoT skills like Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant skills through a subsidiary called Pixelbot Studios, a surviving entity that is still owned by myself and my co- founder.

Product Development Manager


At Willow Marketing, I originally started out as one of the marketing agency’s web developers and then rose to the role of Product Development Manager of the agency’s subsidiary, Mandara Digital. As the lead product development manager, I worked to implement and maintain the strategy and development of the Wayfinder product suite, which was comprised of a human resources information system, a learning management system and an inventory management system. Each component of Wayfinder was utilized by area organizations, including Alpha Sigma Alpha, the Indiana Office of Small Business Development and Aero Tarp Systems.


BFA, Visual Communications Design, Indiana University


Certificate, Human Interaction Design, Georgia Institute of Technology



Minim singulis pariatur. De eram exercitation, cillum admodum non expetendis. Te qui sunt mandaremus.

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