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About Andy

A long-time marketer with an emphasis in digital marketing and data privacy and security

Having spent more than a decade in digital marketing practices, Andy Markle brings unparalleled demand generation and growth to startups and global organizations, specificially in the SaaS (Software as a Service) and SaaC (Software as a Community) spaces.

Andy Markle has authored more than 32 courses on data privacy and security, spanning and ranging from how-tos on data protection impact assessments, how marketing is effected by data privacy law, Chinese data privacy and security, as well as how data privacy and telecommunications operate together.

Beginning as a digital marketer when before Twitter was evented, Andy has had to “think outside of the box” with interesting ideas to refactor and re-evaluate brand identities across the globe.

Key Facts


Based out of Belgium, Andy Markle has a unique perspective on data privacy and digital marketing practices in the European Union.