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Ideas and Investments

Andy is constantly creating and developing new ideas to help the world become a better place.

Recent investments and ideas have been spurred from assisting others with their quests to develop more comprehensive brands, expand their digital marketing expertise, or work on maintaining proper skills for data privacy and security. Some of his recent work is displayed here.


mkd haberdashery

Andy, from a young age, always wanted to start an e-commerce retailer. Taking inspiration from Amazon, and his love of llamas (yes, he knows that’s weird), he created a new line of activewear and backpacks called mkd. mkd specializes in unisex comfort wear. Starting at just $15, most styles are affordable and all products are made in the United States. 


Sociate is a comprehensive trade association and event management company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sociate provides a wide variety of services to associations globally including marketing, design, event planning, event management, and association management. The company was founded in 2019.


MetaRep is a patent-pending B2B software tool designed for the new age revenue leader. With dozens of options to create a full-scale automation system that can even go so far as replacing entire sales development teams, MetaRep is a huge development in how your organization can scale fast, quick, and without the traditional overhead.


Data privacy and security courses are expensive–I mean, really expensive. In some cases, businesses can end up spending more than $1,500 for a single person to be certified. As a result, it becomes hard to do work in such a crazy, fast environment. Insert Datably. It’s an affordable way to educate your staff and its done by experts. 

Got an idea?

Run it past him. Andy’s always looking for new and innovative ways to help companies start. From marketing to data privacy and security expertise, your question can be answered quickly and easily. Just drop him a line and he’ll respond just as soon as he can.